About Us

We are a full service video production company and we love what we do. From writing and story development, to directing, producing, editing, sound design, and outreach strategy, we tailor our services to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our team is fast, focused, passionate and definitely a bit nerdy. We take pride in our obsession with finding the best visual, the best cut, the most innovative equipment, and the most compelling narrative.  



Our Process

There is a great power in story. Stories make us think, make us feel, and move us to act. We embrace a collaborative process that considers your broader digital communications strategy and overall business goals to maximize impact, from concept to distribution. Our clients are our partners. Together, we create emotion-driven stories powered by targeted messaging that engage, inform and inspire your constituents and help you achieve success.

So, let us share in your story – we want to hear from you!



We wake up every morning intent to find the best shot, the best cut, or the best piece of music. We truly love what we get to do and the diverse group of clients that we get to work with.


Benjamin Eckstein 


Founder | Director

Benjamin founded Beryllium Pictures in 2006 and has had over 15 years working in production. He feels at home behind the camera, and also enjoys engaging with clients to figure out the best story to tell. He is proud of the team he has assembled at Beryllium and the work that they have been producing. In 2017 he became an FAA certified drone pilot and loves flying and capturing aerial footage for his clients. He can be found tinkering with the latest piece of camera gear, often bothering his wife and two boys by making them his test subjects.


Jordan Salvatoriello

Producer | Creative Director

Jordan is an award-winning producer and digital storyteller with a BS in Journalism from Boston University and an MFA in Media Art from Emerson College. She co-produced BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS, a New York Times “Critics’ Pick” documentary featured on Independent Lens | PBS and Netflix in 2017. With over 13 years of content marketing and public relations experience, Jordan helps companies showcase their strengths and increase engagement through emotion-driven, multi-platform storytelling.


Adrianne Crane

Senior Editor

Born and raised in Boston, Adrianne attended Emerson College, where she received her BA in film production. She has worked in production in Boston, then Austin, before returning to her home state in 2013 to work at Beryllium Pictures. She has a strong talent in finding the best story through countless hours of raw footage. When not slicing and dicing videos, she can be found binge watching Netflix shows, running, or planespotting.


Chris Hockey

Production | Editor

A Massachusetts native and graduate of Northeastern University, Chris possesses a passion for creating media in varying mediums. After starting out in animation, he discovered a love for video production and joined the Beryllium team in 2015. Here he can be found tinkering in the gear closet, setting up lights and audio, or entertaining the crew with his encyclopedic knowledge of random topics.


Tim Lewis

Editor | Production

Tim is an award-winning video producer and editor from Pembroke, MA. His passion for production began at age 10 with his own cable access show, Where in the Town is Mister Travels?  As an Emerson College graduate, Tim strives to bring innovation and creativity to everything he works on, and as the newest member of the team, he is quickly learning the ropes of H.264 codec best practices and ideal cold brewing consumption. In his spare time, Tim enjoys Dogspotting, growing his YouTube channel, and traveling to new countries on his ever-expanding wanderlust.



We are fortunate to team up with a diverse group of clients, telling interesting stories across many different industries. Here is a sample of the companies and organizations that we have worked with: